Sri Lanka’s Covid-19 death toll hits 53

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Sri Lanka’s Covid-19 death toll hits 53

Five more Covid-19 related deaths are reported in Sri Lanka, the Department of Government Information confirmed a short while ago.

One of the victims, identified as an 83-year-old female from Colombo 14 area, has succumbed to the virus while at home. According to reports, she had been suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes.

The second victim, aged 68 years, is a man who was residing in Chilaw area. He was admitted to the Chilaw District Hospital upon being detected as a Covid-19 positive case and later transferred to the Mulleriyawa Base Hospital, where he passed away. The cause of death has been determined as complications due to Covid-19 infection, high blood pressure and brain haemorrhage.

A 69-year-old male from Ratmalana area also died of the virus infection. He passed away as he was being rushed to the hospital due to chest pain, reports revealed. High blood pressure, diabetes, Covid-19 infection and heart attack have been ruled as the immediate cause of death.

The fourth victim, a 78-year-old male from Colombo 13 area, also passed away while at home. He had died of Covid-19 infection and heart attack, according to the Government Information Department.

In addition, another person, identified as a 64-year-old male who was also residing in Colombo 13 had died while at home. It is reported that he had been suffering from asthma.

With the new development, total novel coronavirus deaths registered in the country have climbed to 53.

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